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Safety Is Our Priority

The North Westside Fire Rescue Department has 3 halls and consists of roughly 30 members. On average NWFR responds to ~100 calls per year which vary from fire suppression, motor vehicle accidents, medical and more. The North Westside Fire Rescue Department is served by three fire stations: the main hall and administration office station 101 on Udell Road; a second hall Station 102 on Westside Road and the third Station 103 just off Killiney Beach. Practice nights are every Tuesday from 6 pm - 9 pm. Each hall meets the Fire Underwriters' Survey level of 3B qualifying surrounding residents and their properties for insurance discounts.


About the area
The Fire District covers approximately 2,500 properties with an estimated 1,200 residents sparsely spread throughout a fire protection area of some 900 square kilometers.  It includes several neighborhoods: Westshore Estates, Killiney Beach, Estamont, Valley of the Sun, Fintry, Upper Fintry, La Casa, and Caesar's Landing.  

The forest makeup throughout the area is dominantly pine with the occasional pockets of fir, cedar, spruce, and balsam. Its coniferous makeup includes alder, poplar, and birch.

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